About Rima Bonario

Rima Bonario, Th.D., is an author, workshop leader, soul coach, and wild heart healer who is passionate about accelerating personal, professional, and planetary transformation. With 25 years of executive and management expertise and lifelong spiritual leadership development, Dr. Bonario joined forces in 2008 with renowned peacemakers Dr. Gary Simmons and Dr. Jane Simmons. READ MORE...

January 2016

Who Have You Come Here to Be?

Advances in neuroscience and the work of Dr. Daniel J. Siegel has shown that who we think we are is a function of our experiences in relationships, our internal conclusions, interpretations and assumptions about those interactions, and the resulting neural net profile (neural architecture) that develops in the brain. However, our biology is not who [...]

September 2015

The Radical Practice of Giving Up Hope

Perhaps like me you have been fighting to hold on to your hope for a better future in the face of what may seem like a world gone mad with no leadership insight able to get our systems back on course. How often have we been told, "Don't loose hope!" But I have come to [...]

January 2015

Self-Awareness and the Power of Paradox

It’s a fascinating thing to observe myself being self-reflective. Have you tried that? Watch yourself as you watch yourself. It’s truly remarkable to be able to gain such distance from what we commonly identify with as our personality or “self.” Yet who is that self that watches the self, watching the self? I am not [...]