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Rev. Kelly Isola, MDiv is a dynamic, evolutionary speaker, consultant, author and teacher, well-known for her teachings of living the two-fold path of an engaged spiritual life – embracing the inner path of wisdom and spiritual healing, as well as demonstrating the outer path of compassionate service. READ MORE...

September 2016

The Truth No One Told Me: I Am Alone


I was chatting with friend the other day about our evolutionary spiritual journey, and I shared with her that to make further progress in my effort to integrate both my shadow material and my noble/Soul-self, I knew I would have to acknowledge an Ugly Truth: deep at the heart of human existence is the reality [...]

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August 2016

Make a Brand New Ending


I have a secret to tell you, a very personal and vulnerable secret. For the past two weeks I haven’t been feeling it; feeling the love, feeling my soul. With all the rain and an overly full schedule my energy was zapped. And then I learned that I had underestimated my tax bill by several [...]

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January 2016

A Paradoxical Blessing for the New Year


Act always as if the future of the Universe depends on what you do, while laughing at yourself for thinking that whatever you do makes any difference. – Buddha This sums up the year beautifully for me. It is the quintessential paradox for my life, an inescapable infinity loop that is always at work as I [...]

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December 2015

Delight in Being Light


If you say “Christmas tree” to me or utter the words “Christmas decorations” I immediately become like a 5-year-old and see lights in my mind. I see twinkly, sparkly, dazzling colorful lights all around me. This is one of my most favorite things – the lights at Christmas time. The other night I turned off [...]

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October 2015

Being Tenderized


Whenever I see pictures and cartoons that poke fun at us humans, I generally save them to my phone. And then when the time is right I post them to Facebook, or text them to someone who needs to hear the message even more than I do. For instance, the latest one reads, “If I [...]

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August 2015

You Be Peace, and Then You Be Peace


So what exactly do I mean when I say you be peace and then you be peace? Well depending on who you ask, if you want peace in the world, you must “BE peace,” meaning you must first find peace in your heart through meditation, or other contemplative practices. You must look within and heal [...]

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July 2015

Want to Change Your Life? Unpack Your Bags


Did you ever listen to the announcements at the airport about claiming your baggage? In case you didn’t know it, there is baggage claim etiquette: Make your bags easy to find, so buy a suitcase that is neon green or has purple polka dots. My favorite is the one with bright police-crime-scene tape wrapped around [...]

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Is Gratitude Enough?


Meister Eckhart was a medieval philosopher, theologian and one of the great Christian mystics. His writings and teachings created quite a stir, and eventually he was accused of heresy by the church. Yet like all good boat rockers, he has lived on – and with greater influence today then probably when he lived 700 years [...]

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