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“By looking for the good  in the situation, we create the  opportunity to find the blessing.”

Rev. Dr. Jane Simmons is a powerful speaker, author, minister and educator with a passionate heart-centered approach to personal transformation and multi-generational ministry. Dr. Simmons’ strong background in curriculum writing for adults and youth, her unique spiritual wisdom and her expertise in strategies to develop heart coherence are an integral part of The Q Effect, LLC.

Ordained as a Unity minister in 1999, Rev. Dr. Simmons has held lead minister positions in both the United States and her native country of Canada. Dr. Simmons served for seven years as the International Teen Ministry Coordinator for Unity Worldwide Ministries (formerly the Association of Unity Churches International) where she was instrumental in developing powerful youth programs, spiritual educator trainings and conferences supporting the future leaders of Unity. She is presently the Senior Co-Minister at Unity Spiritual Center in Spokane, Washington with her husband, Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons.

A sought-after pulpit speaker, Dr. Simmons has traveled throughout North America giving Sunday talks and workshops as a guest minister. As a qualified HeartMath Instructor, she offers trainings for educators and spiritual leaders on the science of heart coherence, as well as providing heart coherence instruction during the Q Coach Facilitators Training program for The Q Effect. Dr. Simmons’ personal commitment to living heart-centered principles in all areas of her life is a true inspiration to all who know her.


“When you are anything less than loving with yourself, it is nearly impossible to create and sustain a world of love outside of yourself.”

Rima Bonario, Th.D., is an author, workshop leader, soul coach, and wild heart healer who is passionate about accelerating personal, professional, and planetary transformation. With 25 years of executive and management expertise and lifelong spiritual leadership development, Dr. Bonario joined forces in 2008 with renowned peacemakers Dr. Gary Simmons and Dr. Jane Simmons.

Together they founded The Q Effect LLC, and created The Art & Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You program. Their work combines the life-changing concepts of brain science, quantum physics, attachment theory, family systems theory, shadow work, and universal spiritual laws into a practical, 21-day transformational process called The Q Process.

Dr. Bonario earned her doctorate in Transformational Psychology from Holos University Graduate Seminary in 2014, where she was awarded the Gold Medal Emerging Scientist Award from the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine for her research to measure the ability of The Q Process to increase levels of self-compassion and decrease anxiety and perceived threat. She also holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications and Leadership from Seton Hall University and has many years of experience as a communications expert and as well as leadership development expertise.


“God’s idea of itself is expressing as my life, in all its glory and all its holiness.”

Rev. Kelly Isola, MDiv is a dynamic, evolutionary speaker, consultant, author and teacher, well-known for her teachings of living the two-fold path of an engaged spiritual life – embracing the inner path of wisdom and spiritual healing, as well as demonstrating the outer path of compassionate service.

With Certified Mastery in Polarity Thinking™ and as an Organizational Change Consultant she helps individuals and organizations understand their past, make peace with it, and co-create a shared vision for the future. She holds several certifications in leading edge models of human and organizational development – focusing on how we create and relate to ourselves, each other and the world – as well as her specialty: the spiritual practice of conflict transformation through engaging and embodying paradox and polarity thinking. She partners with faith communities and non-profit organizations to move through times of personal and organizational transformation efficiently, effectively and with sustainable results.

She is an avid blogger on her own site, and guest blogs for Progressive Christianity. She has written numerous articles for Unity magazine, various booklets, and a number of online magazines. She is a master at creating transformative retreats, rituals, ceremonies, using music, storytelling, laughter, tears and meditation as catalysts for spiritual transformation. Kelly is sought after as a captivating, funny, inspiring and charismatic speaker and teacher. Learn more about Kelly HERE.